8bit Black Ropeman

8bit Black Ropeman is a new game from the collection of ABCya free games with the latest updates for the fans of arcade themes. The players will be joining this game where they play the role of a superhero jumping from one wall to another. The ultimate goal is to overcome the deadly spiky wheels and move toward the escape door in one go!

Thanks to the superpower of this black super scary hero, you can guide him to hop from one side of the wall to another with a powerful force. As he is trying to escape from these sharp wheels with the least mistake, you need to utilize your estimation and precision to make sure that he can clear each level. In order to move on to the next stage, reach the flag as shown on the right side of the screen and enter the door.

First, learn the mechanism of the game and learn how physics works. You can use the momentum and force to shoot your character to the best positions while making sure that no wheels can harm him. Select the spot that you would like to target before aiming for the best direction to shoot. Even the slightest mistake will cause you one chance in this game, so be careful with every move and score the higher records here at https://abcya4.net/!

If you can reach the flag without touching any wheel, the new level shall be unlocked immediately for you! There are more than ten levels with different settings for wheel placement and targets. All you need to do is to select the next destination and use the guideline to aim and pick the right direction. Other equally fun games such as Squid Operator Hunt will give you a new thrilling gaming experience!

Controls: Click and release the left button to play.