Animals Pic Tetriz

The latest pictures at Animals Pic Tetriz will keep you hooked and complete with puzzle pieces. Find their exact location and complete the pictures at ABCya puzzle for school. This amazing game has different content from the puzzle games you are used to. This is a simple but fun visual Tetriz game. In this game, you need to drop the image pieces to their correct position to form the complete image.

Join the game with the lowest amount of time and score high in all the pictures that this game has updated for online players. Click the piece, bring it to the right place and drop it. Complete 8 exciting levels to win the game. Each image is blurred. Therefore, you can find the location of the puzzle pieces in no time. Observe the special points of each piece to move them to a safe location in this game. If you find the wrong position, you will be deducted points.

Try to observe to find the final complete picture with a high score in a short time and get 3 stars. Complete your choice in the online game world Unlock the pictures and experience the best puzzle skills you have today. Hardcore players are also willing to play any game on our website in their spare time. You don't spend a lot of time searching for your favorite game theme. Choose from hundreds of new games that we present to online players around the world. What is the game that you cannot miss? Some game suggestions that you can choose from are SEQUENCES and Killer Zombies Jigsaw

Controls game: Use the left mouse button to move the puzzle piece to the exact position you have selected.