Bricky Fall

Bricky Fall is a fun, entertaining game on ABCya 4 for kids. As the race progresses, you want to keep your opponent from passing you, but you also want to avoid obstacles! You might need to strike the bricks with your axe to slow your fall! Timing properly necessitates focus.

This games has proven to be one of the most interesting new arcade games this year. If you are a rock-climbing fan, don't miss this game. It's different from ordinary rock climbing. Yes, in the game, you need to slide from the top of the brick wall to the bottom. This is not a simple exercise. You need to grab the bricks to get the deceleration function and collect gold coins.

Surely, each game gives you a different experience and they may or may not suit your taste. However, it’s worth trying to try and find out which game is the perfect one for you. Maybe, this is it. Enjoy your time here and remember to discover more when you visit our site. Extreme Jelly Shift 3D and Fun Race On Ice are suggestions for you this time.


Tap to slow down.