Bumper Ball io

The final goal of this ABCya IO new game : Bumper Ball io is not only to be the last one standing without falling down the pit but also to kick the other opponents off the platform. To achieve that, the players will need to learn how to knock their friends' balls off the stage using the appropriate strength and angle. You will get your unique bumper ball and you can use it to hit or collide against the other players on the field.

Get your hands in this fun and fast-paced io game with hyper casual gameplay for free! Bumper Ball io tests your ability to tackle the fast-paced gameplay and learn the tips and tricks to beat an opponent from observing how the other players work the field. Once you manage to defeat an opponent, your ball can change the size to make it a bit bigger. The bigger the ball, the more chances there are to win.

Make sure to purchase some new skins and become the most outstanding sphere in the game! The skins don't just help to decorate the look of the ball but it also helps to create different forces and add the power when you hit the battle. Keep in mind that there will be some main elements affecting the winning chances that are the angle of impact, the force, the direction, and constant movement.

Freely demonstrate your fighting techniques and tactisc in a variety of choices for environments! If you can be brave and smash the other players, you will easily win this action-packed matches against the most competitive battles! With just one-finger control, you can dominate these classic levels that bring you the title of the top of the ladder. Take over the physical fun of more multiplayer game such as Cool Tank IO Online and PAPER.IO 2 from https://abcya4.net/!

Controlling keys: Click and move the mouse to move the ball.