Bunny Graduation Double

Bunny Graduation Double is the new quest for kids who love a bit of the challenge of controlling two characters at the same time when exploring the special maze here. The goal of yours in this platform game is to make sure that your two rabbits of blue and purple overcome the obstacles and collect the carrots scattered along the way. In order to make sure that your bunnies can escape from the forest in one piece.

 You need to jump on the right timing, spend time moving up and down different blocks on the platforms to gather some boosters that are suitable and helpful for your journey. The snow is covering everything in this maze and it's getting snow white more and more. Do your best to reach the guard standing at the end of each level to escape before everything turns snowy and you can't see the way out anymore.

Reach the guard and pass the levels! The toughest parts of this game are the controlling of both rabbits at the same time. You can take advantage of them to coordinate and conquer some tough switches, or you might get into the traps of leaving one and managing only the other.

How many times can you double jump and coordinate both rabbits for your purposes of winning this game? We have plenty of unexplored new games updated in the list of games, with a few famous game choices such as Hero 4 Slice Enemies or Queen Of Pop. Let's see how far you can guide these two rabbits in this multi-level gaming selection online!


Control the purple rabbit using WASD keys, control the blue rabbit using the arrow keys.

Double jump is available for both rabbits.