Champion Soccer

Champion Soccer brings the latest soccer experience online into this newly updated game of abcya land with plenty of strong teams from other countries and a variety of matches in different fields. Emerge in this virtual tournament to figure out who can get the top spot with the highest scores on the Leaderboard! It's a perfect gaming option for our beloved fans of soccer who like to dive into a new type of animation for soccer games.

Let's start by picking out your favorite national team and go from there. You can customize your team with the details of team members, layout, different positions for the team members, and so on. Once it's all set, you can choose the opponent from the first round of the tournament and go up from there. Don't lose because you will have to redo the match until when you manage to clear it.

Some special boosters and items will be available to keep your experience more fun and thrilling in the game. Making bombs in the field is possible so you can take advantage of this to keep the ball from being snatched by the opponent. Perform the best slide, kick, and goal with your team! It's all about coordinating the players and showing your perfect teamwork, so don't forget to start working on these main elements contributing to your winning chance soon!

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Controlling keys:

Click the mouse to interact.

Slide, kick, and run on the field using the WASD key set.