Crazy Runner In City

Crazy Runner in City brings forth another awesome endless game with a running feature for you to explore. In this 3D online game with top-tier gameplay, you will get to hit the road while running and dodging the gaps or the slopes. The mechanics of the game allow the main character to run with a specific momentum, but you need to boost the speed and accelerate to make sure that you can hop through the slopes.

There will be tons of interconnected slopes that require a bit of push to reach. This main character that you are controlling will run extremely fast, however, you need to use your reflexes to guide him well with the best reactions to obstacles and barriers. Make sure that you can sweep all the blue diamonds off the screen and use it as your roll in order to purchase more upgrades and precious items from the store at ABCya puzzle game!

These help to make your progress further easier and better with more supplement tools, such as the running shoes, or the magnet that draws the diamonds closer to you. Let's see if you can explore the 3D realistic city while gathering crystals at the top speed possible! The core thing to win this game is to make sure to unlock more reinforcements to keep your momentum.

While moving through swinging platforms like this, stability and balance shall be important as well. Unlock all the list of 10 purchasable characters and make your move in this free arcade game to show the world how good you are! Get your hands on more arcade games like Pixel Ar and Paper Fold 3D from our free website of to spice the free time up a bit!

Controlling keys:

Click left and right arrows or use WASD to control the character.