Diggy is a fun digging game in which you need to dig as deep as possible and find many hidden treasures. To dig, you need to shoot the drill, but it consumes energy. You can also use radar to find the nearby valuables. Try to get as many treasures as you can before the energy runs out. Some layers of soil are harder than others and require more shoots.

Dig your way to the earth's core in pursuit of enormous treasures. Upgrade your equipment to help you on your journey! Dig to the center of the earth with Diggy to find the straying truffle.

Invite your friends to join right now to play the game so that you can test yourself with good reflexes and can relax with the ball. What do you think if you allow yourself to participate in some other similar adventure games like 2 Player Red Blue Pirates at ABCya 4.


Aim Diggy's drill using your mouse, then click to drill in that direction. To activate Diggy's radar and find hidden things, press E, then drill down to them and pick them up.