Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery

We find a cute little kitty being dumped in the trash and we urgently need a talented doctor to take care of her! Join this game Doc Honeyberry Kitty Surgery as the main surgeon to deliver the best performance and care for the little cat with your skills! Not only is this ABCya 4 girl game a good option to explore during playtime but it's also one of the most popular thanks to the lovely story.

You will assist with the surgery and take place of the doctor to take care of all injuries. From checking up, and cleaning the wounds, to finding out the best solution to cure them, you need to do it from the role of Doc Honeyberry. Let's try to follow the procedure and finish the surgery as soon as possible with finesse to help this cute little kitty at all costs! First, check-up and find out all the injuries on her body.

You need to use sanitized water and a cotton pad to clean them, as well as take care of all open wounds. Once this is done, start checking up on the larger problems such as broken bones. It's best if all of them can be attended on short notice since you need to give the kitty a cute makeover after this too! Once the cat has recovered, you can start dressing her up with your choice of dresses, tops, pants, shoes, and accessories.

Glowing up is just as important as cleaning up, so carry out this task carefully to give her the look of her best! Coordinating skills will be necessary to check out the latest trends and utilize the best materials for clothing. From our girl game list at, check out some amazing gaming options such as The Besties Tattooist to clear out the heads!

Instructions: Use the mouse to play and interact.