Draw Bullet Master

Draw Bullet Master is a spellbinding casual game on ABCya 4. Normally, a bullet fired by someone flies in a straight line. As time draws on, human beings will be capable of determining the route of a bullet by drawing it beforehand. This game will offer you a foretaste of the future by letting you draw the route of the bullet. Please avoid harming the hostages. Hopefully, this game will draw you in. 

Presently we want a SWAT to save a prisoner on the roof. Draw Bullet Master needs you to draw a few safe slug track to kill all psychological oppressors without harming prisoners. With 3D material science plans, we would be wise to utilize your first projectile to shoot them all down, or, more than likely the guners will destroy you!

There are lots of boys and girls taking part in similar games like Stick Duel: Revenge or Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero, so why don't you take this chance and try them as well? Be unique with your playing strategy and schemes! 


Drag to play.