Drive And Paint

Drive And Paint is the new game on the daily list of ABCya 4 land that is unique in its own glory with extremely addictive gameplay that will grasp your attention from the first few levels. Search no more for a fabulous car puzzle game that is highlighted with an arcade theme and 3D graphics. The players will play the role of a commander who controls the movement of the cars on these tracks. Because they are all cars for painting the route, once you set them off, they will start coloring any place that they move through.

It's very easy at first as you need to dispatch one or two cars to fill in the route separately. However, when the game progresses to higher levels, players need to brainstorm so that the cars will not collide. They need to fill all the interlocked routes and reach the starting points. The game mechanism allows you to control the gas of each car, but you can't stop them once they start to hit the tracks. Timing is everything in this game because if you manage to choose the perfect starting timing, you will not have to worry about the rest. Moreover, pay attention to the obstacles that might pop up from time to time on your route.

They might lead your paint mark to the wrong tracks. In this game at, we encourage your creative thinking, problem-solving techniques, and enjoyable playtime regardless of locations and time! Other games like Hammer Master and Dig This Water have harder rules and more complicated gameplay for you to enhance your skills later. 3D graphics and a colorful vivid palette will definitely satisfy your gaming passion, so hesitate no more!

How to control the cars in Drive And Paint: Click to push the car.