Endless Hands

A fast reaction will be the top prioritized movement for winning this game of Endless Hands - a new game for kids from ABCya 4. The fight starts with all kinds of hands and all ingredients that you need to put on the pizzas. The goal is to follow the top panel of ingredients and make sure that all the required ones can show up on the pizza. The panel slides and shows the ingredients one by one.

Let's help the chef by clicking on the hands for dropping or grabbing the ingredients on time! It's a challenge with high speed and good timing so that the pizza can be filled with the most delicious combination of ingredients. Be quick to control the movement and choose the skins properly. Depending on the skin, you will have special powers and amazing bonuses for usage. First, challenge your reaction speed by clicking on the pizza while the hands hover on it.

Then, make sure that you do it while there is a variety of ingredients and sauces. If possible, gather a lot of scores throughout the levels to gain better skin and arm for better grip. It's quite an easy gameplay, however, many struggles to master it or to gain recorded scores due to the thief. He will try to cause trouble by capturing the pizzas, therefore, beware of him. Two types of pizzas like square and round pizzas will be unique for placing the ingredients. Keep working on this game and tackle more challenging games like Sushi Chef and Super Burguer for a blast later! We provide the list of free games online at http://abcya4.net/cooking for both boys and girls, so hit them up!

Controls: Use the mouse to tap on the screen to release the ingredients. Double-tap to add the sauce.