Fail Run

Your main player in this ABCya 4 online game of Fail Run will be a sloppy, broken robot who is trying his best to move and keep the balance. You will gain top stars for all levels if you can keep the robot steady for long enough and make him move toward the destination that is predestined for each turn. This is unique gameplay that slightly combines io and simulation theme, so you shouldn't miss out on it.

Do your best to learn and keep the movement good from now on. You will start the game by taking the steps by steps, even if they are little. At first, it will take some time to get used to the flat surface and avoid the obstacles that are scattered around. Your help with the robot's navigation tasks will start right now in the game by putting the solid moves one by one. The legs and hands of this robot are very weak, so you should notice when it can't hold it anymore and slow down a bit. The rules are all about adjustments and know when to make bold moves for a faster result.

Of course, this game is free for kids of all ages and serves the purpose of delivering the best moments ever! Tough levels need more strategy and technique because the distance is longer and there are more to take care of. The travel distance will be filled with new missions to make the game more interesting as well. Take your time to freely enjoy countless gaming options such as Jump The Birds and Two Ball 3D Dark, all available with one click on the website of! Let's see which will soon be your favorite!

Controlling keys for Fail Run: Make the robot walk and control the movement using the mouse cursor.