Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero

One perfect shot is all that it takes to make you the main hero of this game Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero from ABCya 4 online games! The game is all about targeting and shooting at the right time to defeat all the birds on different poles. For the few first levels, you just need to hit one bird at a time. Use your estimation skills to pick the right timing to release the bullet while the indicator runs on the parameter.

Choose it precisely because if you can't hit the bird in one shot, it will counterattack and shoot your character in the next turn. Becoming a hero in this game will not be easy at all because on the next levels, you might have to go up against more than just one bird. Your main character will dress in armor as he is the main hero to defeat the army of wicked birds. The birds stand on different towers, each of them is built with a different height to make the aiming harder and harder.

Keep hitting the other villains once they pop up on the towers so that there is no evil forcing dominating the world! Keep in mind that the objective of this game from http://abcya4.net/shooting is to control the rocket direction. This means that your ability in calculating the angle will be a crucial element in deciding how your force will attack and eliminate the enemies. Also, different enemies are located on the heights of unique towers, which requires the players to think of the best strategy for each turn. Get more unlocked costumes for your character and win other games like Slice It All and Pigeons Pigeons!

Instructions: Click on the mouse to aim and release the bullets or by tapping on the screen of mobiles and tablets.