Fireblob Winter

Fireblob Winter - a perfect option if you are looking for a freestyle version of arcade games, with all the best graphics and characters! The characters in this game from ABCya games 4 kids will have special powers of melting the ice or burning up the fireplace. As the guide of it, you will conquer this quest without failing a single level! It's a sequel to the series with a winter touch to make it more heated, with a bunch of new details and stages.

You can look forward to better graphics, new quests and challenges, speedrun mode, and a mighty boss await! The goal is to help the little fireball and command it on the move to reach and ignite a wood fire at the end of each stage. Only by igniting the fire by touching on it will the fireball be able to win the level and move toward the next. When moving through the ice, if you can use the fire to melt the ice cubes and take advantage of your abilities, the challenge will be easier to crack.

Thanks to the inspiration from the trendy NES-style games, the kids have enjoyed a colorful game with a retro theme and the best background music. If you are looking to sharpen your skills with detailed arcade puzzles, this one will be a good option for playtime. Here at, don't forget the goal of gathering all golden coins on your path as well. Play on both desktop and mobile and have fun with it anytime, anywhere!

Look for:Farm Shadow Match and Bubble Shooter Hexagon.

Controlling keys:

Use A, D, or left and right keys to move the characters, H, W, up arrow, and Space to Jump. Tap and touch on the mobile screen to control the character.