Football Head Sports

Football Head Sports shall test your ultimate football skills when it comes to conquering a multiplayer football match where you go up against a random player from around the world. Thanks to the mutual server mechanism of this ABCya 4 kid game, you will get paired up with another online real-time player to compete in the game. If there's no available player online, you can pick the offline game mode to compete with the CPU to practice more before taking part in the real matches.

In these 120 seconds of each match, both players will try to reach the gate on the other side of the field and score the most goals possible. The quest of crossing the field in the defense of your opponents will not be easy, as you need flexible movement and perfect timing to bypass them. Whoever manages to score more goals when the final whistle blows shall be the final winner. Kick the ball from one place to another to avoid being captured by your opponents. Make sure to utilize not only your perfect eye and hand coordination but also to adjust your skills and enhance the chance of winning throughout the game.

From moving, and sliding, to jumping and head-butting the balls, make sure to master all the possible skills since you will need them to make it to victory on this field. Enjoy the fun animation with big-headed characters, adorable settings, and fun gameplay that is available for free here at! Dive into the football world with these amazing online games such as World Cup Fever to explore your innate talents and skills with sports games online!

How to play: Drag the mouse and click the left button to move the character and hit the balls.