Freddy Run 1

Freddy Run 1 is a creepy running game on Abcya 4 online games in which you must assist a little child called Freddy in surviving a horrific nightmare. The action takes place inside a haunted castle full of lethal traps and scary monsters, but be warned: inside each of the five levels, you will also fight the terrible Soul Catcher.

He will relentlessly pursue you, so be ready when he emerges behind you and begins to draw back his deadly scythe to get ready and use the jump button to escape being knocked out. Consider collecting as many gold coins as you can, since if you reach 100, you will be awarded an additional life.

This is an interesting game and it's not simple as it seems to be. it requires you to observe and think. Enjoy and be ready for other challenges in Solitaire Klondike and Smarty Bubbles Xmas.


Up - jump; Down- slide; X - shoot; P - pause;