Halloween Magic Connect

Halloween Magic Connect will be the perfect kickoff for your season with one of the most addictive matching gameplay. Not only is it a puzzle game with matching themes and features to bring the best board for your problem-solving time but it's also a good chance to train your eyes and brain. The element to winning this game at ABCya 4 puzzle games will be to spot all the pairs available with similar images on the magic tiles.

There is a limited time range for you looking for a good way to challenge yourself with a difficult puzzle, so do your best to finish the missions within the given time. Three difficulty levels ranging from the Easy to the Medium and Hard will be the options that you can freely pick according to your skills. Advanced players should go for a Hard-level board to test out their range and skills. The pairs of magic tiles are hidden all over the board. Your job is to spot the group with two or more tiles and tap on the pairs to remove them. If the pair is connected using a maximum of 3 line segments only, this is the perfect choice for you! Any pair that needs more than 3 turns to connect can't be your choice.

Being versatile in the way of searching for the pairs as a good strategy should adapt with the layout of the game. Hints are available but do your best to save them for the times when you got stuck. There will be a shuffle option as well, which also plays as additional support if you are looking for a way to get out of the stuck layout. Also, the game is made in two language modes, English and Russian for your choosing! Keep exploring other games like MathPup Story and Save RED Square from https://abcya4.net/ without hesitation!

Controls: Click on the pairs to match them.