Hammer Master

What would it take to be a hammer master in this game of ABCya free game called Hammer Master? All that it takes for a player to fully enjoy this game is a good skill of aiming. Your job will be to sliding through the platform and hit all nails that come with the same color. Be consistent in speed and try to speed up more to gain combos. There is a trial and exercise stage so you don't have to worry even if you haven't tried out this type of simulation game before.

A bit of arcade theme and 3D graphics will be the highlights of this game, but it's the satisfaction of hitting the nails that keeps the players hooked. Keep your eye on the nails with the same colors and don't make mistakes. Can you see the icon of the hammer on the left panel of the screen? It will slowly fill up as you hit the nails continuously. When it's full, the player will be given a magic ability for hitting a bunch of nails at the same time. Don't forget about the final counts of gained nails as this will be the key to save your record on the Leaderboard. However, steer clear of the rocks because they will break your hammer when the two come into contact.

This game picks up the pace and speed when the players get to a certain checkpoint, therefore, don't lose your focus for any moment to avoid losing all the hard work before that. At http://abcya4.net/, tons of new games varying in themes, rules, and gameplay are available at the tips of your fingers such as Dig This Water and Pixelkenstein Halloween!

Controls: Click the left button or use the keyboard to control the hammer.