Hidden Objects Hello USA

Hidden Objects Hello USA is a search game at https://abcya4.net/. Click on the objects in the picture according to the suggestions on the left side of the screen. Complete the game before time runs out and score 3 stars in each of your turns. Explore the United States with this amazing hidden object game. 16 levels are inspired by the natural beauty, monuments, and bustling cities of this country hidden in the pictures. Can you solve them all? Complete the game with the awesome searching skills you've honed from other similar online games.

The list of objects to find is on the left side of the screen. Find them at the scene before time runs out. You can choose by color and shape. They can appear anywhere. Observe closely and make the final choice. If you get stuck, tap the hint button. Use the magnifying glass button to zoom the scene. However, you should only use this help when necessary. Each player has a different way of playing in each online game. When the green tick appears, you're right. If it's a red multiplier, you have to re-determine the location of the object you're looking for.

ABCya 4 games introduce players around the world to a fun relaxing time that players can enjoy in their spare time. Enjoy your relaxing moment now. We are constantly bringing players the latest puzzle games. Try to look for the smallest objects that you haven't seen in previous turns. The wonderful scenery of America will attract you to join our new games. Have fun with the new games we introduce like Which Insect Looks Different and Blocks Fill Tangram Puzzle

How to play: Click on the objects on the picture that you find that match the picture on the left