Hover Shift

Hover Shift will be a thrilling chase that you can freely enjoy in your playtime with the latest version of designs and an amazing gaming experience. If a good arcade game with a smooth transition, great display, and realistic experience is what you are looking for, this one is your best choice today! The main object of this io game is the smart hovercraft which moves along the lanes of your choice.

The hovercraft can fly and dodge objects well if you can control the movement with the best timing. Learn the layout of this interactive game by joining the first race. You will control the plane and move from the left to the right and vice versa as long as you put your aircraft on the right path. Dodge the bombs, barriers, missiles, holes, and any part that doesn't contain the lanes.

There are a lot of deadly obstacles on the way, therefore, keep in mind that you can't collect coins if some items are on your way. Make sure to fully understand the basis of the movement and the method to dodge each type of object efficiently. This will keep you entertained for hours thanks to the new first-person point of view and dynamic graphics. Perfect timing is your best chance of winning this game, so pay attention and stay focused!

Find the best way to slide to the other side of the screen while completing the goal of gathering coins and dodging objects. Share your tips on how to gather the most coins while staying alive with the other friends on the Leaderboard! From our collection of shooting games at https://abcya4.net/, you can freely enjoy a bunch of similar-themed games with exploring themes such as Fallingman.io or Super Chicken Fly with no cost!

How to play:

Use the left mouse cursor or the left and right arrows to control the hovercraft.