Impostor Crab

Impostor Crab is a fun adventures game which is playable on ABCya 4. Assist a crab who loves cheeseburgers to beat the risks in his day to day existence loaded with risk. Assist the crab with conquering the risks and gather the cheeseburgers to win the score each level is really difficult and loaded with more foes kill the adversaries and arrive at the completion banner.

One of the Impostors was able to disguise himself as a crab and infiltrate the underwater city of Among Ases. Our hero needs to collect the keys scattered all over the place and in the game Impostor Crab you will help him complete this mission. In front of you on the screen will be visible your impostor crab, which is located in a certain location. Using the control keys you will control the actions of the hero. You will need to lead him through the area avoiding falling into traps. On the way, collect food scattered everywhere and, of course, the keys. On the way of our hero Among Aski can wait. He can simply jump over them and thus avoid falling into their hands. Having reached the place marked with a flag, your character in the game Impostor Crab will be transferred to the next more difficult level.

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Use WASD keys to play.