Infinity Golf

There's no need to search for any other sports games during this summer heat as you can freely enjoy the fun game of Infinity Golf, which is available at the tips of your finger with a single click on The controls and rules are so simple that even newbies - who haven't grasped the basics of golf could enjoy it. Participating in this golf online game is all about hitting your assigned golf ball toward the designated holes. Start with roaming the place and find out how many holes are assigned to you for the few first levels. As this game is embedded with 3D graphics and an intuitive interface, just follow the on-screen instruction and your gut to figure it out.

There will be no other competitors rather than yourself, so try to constantly outbreak the previous records. It's nothing as simple as controlling the golf swing to hit the golf ball, however, mastering the art of estimating wind, direction, force, and other crucial elements shall be difficult. Before hitting, make sure to estimate and make your best bet on the shot direction and power. Once you have gotten the gist of it, you will soon be drilling holes and swinging your golf bat left and right with zero miss!

This game layout consists of a variety of tracks, each with its specialized theme, cool views, upgraded obstacles, and plenty of chances for boosters. Don't be hasty and take your time to aim your shots carefully because the number of golf balls is limited. Let's see if you will manage to bring the ball in using the least shots possible. One click at ABCya free for kids and the other sports club in more games like Spider Boy Run or Super Hero Soccer World Cup are also available for you to try out anytime!

Controlling keys: Use the mouse to change the direction and hit the golf ball.