Jump Square

Jump Square brings the new platform to ABCya new games 4 kids and incredibly unique challenges with lots of features combining. You will take part in a new adventure in which your goal is to control the little square poping up and down and running to reach the furthest distance. It's an endless game for running enthusiasts to blast off some steam and hit the challenge for endurance and other good quality. The platform leads to infinity as there is no endpoint, so go ahead and enjoy the work of jumping endlessly to gather the most coins.

One of the main goals of the game is to reach the top-ranged scores, however, we want to make sure that you can sharpen your reflexes and ability to deal with constant obstacles. Keep an eye out and watch out for obstacles like the high poles, spiky wheels, moving items, and others. They will show up randomly on the path of your journey, one after another, and make it harder to move forward. That's when your ability to maneuver, jump in time, as well as estimation skills come in handy. Will you be able to set a new record while running towards infinity and before getting eliminated?

There are a bunch of players from all around the world who have gotten high scores for quite a challenging game like this at https://abcya4.net/. Will you get your hand on some new games like Spiderblock and Vint and try to conquer them as well? This game has pretty animal, simple graphics that resemble some famous internet game of arcade, and smooth interaction so that you can have the best gaming experience here! Let's invite some friends over and use this as an entertaining tool for your bonding time!

Control keys: Click the left mouse button or tap on the screen of the device to jump.