Kitty Cat Puzzle

Kitty Cat Puzzle is one of the latest famous games of matching theme options for the fans of the ABCya 2022 online gaming collection. This bears the resemblance to other matching 3 games, however, enjoy the satisfaction of grouping these adorable cats with a few taps! The mechanism of the game allows you to remove a group of two or more cats with one selection.

As long as they have the same image and are close by, you can remove a whole line or group. You lose a move for every tap, which means that in order to gain enough scores to meet the requirements, do your best to choose the best order to remove. By eliminating the lower groups on the bottom of the game screen, you can make the new stacks of cats fall and create bigger groups.

Utilize the layout and existing cats to erase plenty of items at once. The more items you manage to clear, the more chances you will get a special item later. These can assist you in the quest for the highest scores as it supports the skillful erasing of more cats. Once the goal for each level is met, you can clear that one and move on to the higher stages. Observe and locate the groups consisting of more than two items at your fastest pace!

Use the number of limited moves wisely so that you can clear out the levels with a lot remaining. Feel free to roam the list such as Erase One Element  at and pick any game that you feel is suitable within the list of free online games! Don't forget to dive into the free world of gaming with your friends and share the spirit with others.


Click on the groups to remove them.

Tap on the mobile and tablet's screen to play.