Master Draw Legends

Master Draw Legends is a fun drawing game that challenges you to hit ogres with magic potions by drawing a single line. In this free online game you will have to help the master by drawing the perfect path for the potion to travel all the way to the big, fat, evil ogres and get rid of them all.

Prove that you are the best playing Master Draw Legends, an ingenious drawing game to destroy the different monsters that want to invade the world !!!! Have fun with this new game exclusive to ABCya land !! Help the masters to draw the trajectory of magical positions that only then can destroy ogres, monsters and aliens.

The aim of the overall game is to bring the trajectory of the special positions but you'll have to avoid different sharp obstacles which could demolish the positions !!! Sketch well where in fact the positions must forward to get rid of the monsters.

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Instructions: Use the mouse to draw or touch the screens on mobile devices.