Math Boxing Comparison

Math Boxing Comparison is an educational math game for teaching the equals, greater than, and less than signs in a fun way! You need to punch a bag, which you can make happen by filling in the correct sign between two numbers. While filling in the signs correctly lands punches, making mistakes will lose lives. Punches also add on time to your time limit, letting you see how far you can make it before making enough mistakes to lose the level!

Simple to play just look at both numbers and tap on the correct sign: "<", ">" or "=". As you box more you'll have less time to throw punches before the bag punches back and the numbers get larger!

You won't have to play this game by yourself when introducing your friends, but your friends are joining right now into the game to have a chance to experience the brain in a new jigsaw challenge best. Don't forget to allow yourself from the name and a few other similar fun games  Stickman Boxing KO Champion at abcya 4 games.

Controls: Mouse to play!