Mineguy 2: Among Them

MineGuy 2: Among Them is a cool first-person shooter game on ABCya 4th. There is a mutiny on planet Mars. Your job is simple. Kill all the impostors, release the hostages, and destroy the facilities.

MineGuy 2: Among Them is a cool first person shooter that takes you to planet Mars to complete a dangerous mission. You can play this game online and for free. There is a mutiny on the red planet and you were sent to eliminate all the impostors, free the hostages and destroy the facilities. All you have is a wide arsenal of weapons to defeat them all and survive.

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Good luck!


Mouse 1: Fire

Mouse 2: Aim/Block

W-S-A-D: Walk

Left Shift: Sprint

Left Ctrl: Crouch

X: Prone

Space: Jump

F: Use item

R: Reload

H: Holster weapon

G: Grenade

V: Melee attack

T: Slow-mo