Nonosparks Genesis

Nonosparks Genesis is the new version of puzzle games that you can become a part of in our ABCya 4th! If you are ready to be a part of the genesis, feel free to tackle this game of creating the new world step by step. You can make your world from scratch with the additional collection of flora, fauna, humans, and different species that will be your reward if you can solve the puzzle.

There are tons of logical and brain-wrecking puzzles based on nonograms for you to explore and solve in this online game. First, get to enjoy the dashing and humorous graphics as well as get used to the charming characters. You will get to get your hands on a reward-mechanic type of gameplay as it only rewards you if you manage to solve the given puzzle. Once you get used to this flow, you will get addicted to it soon enough.

This unique game can be played entirely with the mouse, with the addition of the space key. The space key helps you toggle and switch between placing a block or an empty mark that is showing on the board. Each number shown on the screen indicates the number of contiguous blocks in the adjoining row or column. In order to solve each puzzle, you need to search and locate all the blocks as indicated.

It's best that you tried to fill the row with the number 3 first if you are a newbie according to the guide. The more boards you solve, the more items you get for placing in your new world! Let's see how many items and species you can get in this online game from with your brain! Don't forget that the numbers on the columns and the rows need to be filled.


Click to place the block.