Object Hunt

Object Hunt is a fun hide and seek game with weird kinds of characters that change their shapes into other objects. You can play this free online game on abcya 4 grade as one of the guys that hide, turning into some sort of object, or as the one who has to look for all the other players on the field.

Do you feel tremendous pressure in your work and life that has nowhere to vent? Have you ever dreamed of releasing stress and becoming the king of destruction? In the game Object Hunt, your dream will come true! You will have the opportunity to carry out sabotage operations with the most powerful.

Super Saiyans and Marvel heroes in the universe, and even cute Pikachu to help you, use a huge hammer or sickle to carry out sabotage operations, and don’t forget to collect gold coins. These Gold coins can be exchanged for more novel weapons, such as lollipops and sharks, and destroy everything you can see, whether it's furniture or flowers. Are you ready?

You can challenge your friends or your family member to have more fun. You know that tons of games are available on our site, right? Check out your favorite ones whenever you have free time or let us suggest you 2 great options including Zone Jumping: Fly In A Spaceship and Ugi Bugi & Kisiy Misiy.


Click and drag the mouse to play.