One Point

One Point is a good option if you want to test out the accuracy and precision in your reaction speed, especially while aiming with a moving canon. This is a ball shooting game in which the players get to control a moving arrow-shaped canon to shoot at a glowing ball. There is only one target for one turn, so you need to tackle it down precisely with one shot only. There is no second chance if you fail to hit it. Conquer the levels one by one and go through all the tasks of this ABCya 4 game for the highest record that you can make.

There will be some visible cells showing up at the same time on the shooting field. But there is only one stationary white ball that remains your target for the turn. The ball changes its position after you hit it, so the target of yours will also be moving from one place to another. Keep learning how to master the art of scoring and kicking the scores higher to reach the top of the Leaderboard! A tip for you is to estimate the speed of the arrow and the distance to choose the most perfect timing for launching and releasing the bullet.

Pay attention to all elements to get the direction right before clicking. If you fail to hit it, the game will start over from the beginning! It's a simple game for the kids who are patient and enjoy a relaxing and cool arcade gaming selection with the signature gaming features from Feel free to share some more online games like Stupid Chicken and Philatelic Escape Fauna Album 3 with your friends to compete and see who can conquer the top-range scores faster!

Controlling keys: Click on the screen to release the bullet and shoot at the ball.