Orange Rope

If you love problem-solving games embedded with a bit of technique and swiftness, Orange Rope from ABCya 4 puzzle games will be quite a good option for your playtime here! The task of passing the rope through all the round objects on the field will not be easy as you can only manage a certain part of the rope. However, it can be done with great control and good usage of a magnet. The rule is that the orange rope is magnetized by the magnet that you use so that you can take advantage of this function to drag and move the rope in any direction that you want.

The higher level you are on, the longer the rope is. This will make it harder to cope with the length and make the rope easily tangled. How will you make sure that the rope doesn't get in your way of clearing all levels of this game? Do your best to fulfill the missions as stated in each scene and you will be able to tackle more and more challenges with high scores and technical skills! There will be some connection points per stage and the players need to connect them all.

We are looking forward to the creative method that you can come up with for the work of attaching one end of the rope to overcome the most difficult levels! If you fail to observe and manage the length of the rope, the lengthy pieces will wrap around objects and get in the way. How long does it take for you to crush 30 levels with your good skills? Keep up the good work with more puzzles such as Pop Us 3D! and Detective Loupe Puzzle from our list of free games at!

Controlling keys: Pull the rope using the left mouse button.