Pawn Boss

Pawn service is thriving and growing and will make you rich in this game of Pawn Boss - a unique gaming selection from ABCya 4 online! Have you ever been able to get a sneak peek into the daily operation of a pawn shop? Let's learn how to get more and more profit by running your very first shop and gather as many unique items as possible. The rule is simple as you will serve customers who are lining up for a deal. They bring their items and try to sell them to you. It's your job to vet, check and decide which one to buy and which one to deny.

In order to put good pricing on the item, you have to learn how to spot hidden gems from stolen or worthless pieces. Once you agree to purchase those items, feel free to polish them up and resell them to another at a much higher price. Usually, you can sell for 20% higher than the original purchase price, so getting rich here at will be easy if you know how to run your business!

Show us your amazing bargaining skills to lower the price and avoid purchasing mistakes at all costs. If you happen to get a counterfeit or a stolen piece, you will lose your money for sure. Do excellent business with gold, paintings, antique guns, jewelry, machines, and anything that comes to your attention! Don't be afraid of robbers as you can choose to pay them off, or watch an ad to make them leave. For more unique-storyline games such as Impostor Zombrush and Color Wheel, don't forget to visit the collection of interactive games online with us!

Controlling keys: Use the left mouse button to choose the items, polish them, and interact with your customers.