Pixel Craft Candy

Perhaps you have participated in the puzzle game of arranging objects. But you can't ignore the latest game recently joined by players called Pixel Craft Candy. abcya online indeed brings players around the world the best games that any player can hardly miss. Share your play and discover an enjoyable time you've never played in any game. Look for candies of the same shape and color and put at least 3 pieces in the right horizontal, vertical or diagonal position. They will disappear and leave empty slots for the next turn.

The game will be harder in the next round. Share if you love our game space. The pixel version of this game is quite new. The large world of http://abcya4.net/ always surprises any online player. How can a candy move? You need to look at the surrounding positions of the candy so that the space is open so that they are not shortened by other candies. It's easy to perfect your game while taking this new journey. Each player has their way of playing and you will love this game. Do not leave the candies in tight boxes.

Challenge your friends to see who wins with the highest score. Share moving tips in this game. If the candies fill the squares and can't move, you will lose. Complete the best game right now. We enable players to participate in free games today. The candy world of different occasions will appear in this awesome puzzle game. Some interesting games for you like The Mole Knocker and Shadow Trap. Discover them now.


Use the left mouse button and click on the candies you want to move, then release the mouse button in a new position