Pocket Tower

Waste some boring time learning how to create, build, as well as manage a huge tower of Pocket Tower in the land of ABCya 4 with virtual friends from all around the world now! Your list of tasks will include lots and lots of mini-missions such as managing the 1st floors, building new ones, open up new stores, managing vendors, and hiring workers, along with controlling payment and cash flow. Will you be able to be the first businessman or businesswoman to create a metropolis in this online game?

It takes time to balance the cost and the revenue, as well as learning how to invest in new stores and divide your profit, but this will be an elaborate gaming option for the fans of business games. Learn how the game works with a few small buildings first. Once you gain quite some money, purchase new items, open up the stores or hire your team to make more profit in a diverse category. Patience is the key to a stable game like this, so manage everything carefully to put on the best service for your customers. The visitors bring a big source of profit when they start visiting and shopping in your stores, so lift them up to the suitable ones.

Do you know that there will be some VIPs among the bunch as well? Keep an eye on them as they should be the ones to bring the most. Always check the mission list from time to time to know what to do next and when to claim some special bonuses or rewards that you cleared. Let's have a great time learning more about business in other cute-colored and high-quality graphic games like Fail Run and Jump The Birds, available within the tips of your fingers in https://abcya4.net/!

Controls: Left click to manage, choose and interact and control your metropolis.