Pop Christmas

Pop Christmas brings back the simple and fun joy for the holiday with the best theme for your entertainment when the snowfalls. It's a brand new addition to the collection at ABCya4 kid game category! Not only is this an addictive clicking game but it's also a puzzle game in which you need to think so that the pieces fall as you want them to. Any group with more than 2 similarly-looking items will be considered a good match. You can pick them and remove them from the board, after which the other pieces will fall down the board.

Either they stack up more or fall, depending on the stage and the difficulty level. For each turn, there is a specific number of scores that you are required to gain so as to pass the threshold of the level. Other than that, any remaining sold item left at the end will cost you some scores. They get deducted into the bonuses that you might need, so do your best to make sure nothing is left behind. The more items in a group that you gathered, the higher your bonus will be. The method of collecting will matter when it comes to calculating the final record, therefore, think and find a strategy for your movement.

Get your hands on deck and figure out the best way to crack this puzzle for top positions in this game from http://abcya4.net/puzzle! If you are looking for something more elaborated and tougher to crack, why not take a look at these new games such as Who Lives Here? These are the best options updated on our website these days and they have become all the rages! Feel free to browse through the things that we list up here so that you can fill your basket with your favs!

Instruction: Click on the group of items to gather.