Prickle Enemy

At this game you will play against prickle enemy. Control the circle and try to catch the dot. Avoid prickles enemies. They move from the left and from the right side and you a in the middle of them. Try to catch more dots before they prickly you.

For everyone who wants to test their attentiveness, agility and reaction speed, we present a new exciting game Prickle Enemy. Your character is a circle of a certain size, which will be visible in front of you on the screen in the center of the playing field. There will be a point at a certain distance from it. Controlling your character with the control keys, you will have to touch the point and thus pick it up. For this you will be given points. Thorny triangles flying out at different speeds from different sides will interfere with you. You will have to do so that your circle dodges them. If at least one triangle touches the circle, it will explode and you will lose the round.

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Tap on the screen to move the circle!