Queen Of Pop

Who shall claim the top title of the queen of pop in this new ABCya kid game: Queen Of Pop? It's a new addition to the collection of musical-themed games and the best choice for the kids who love to move along. As it's a rhythm game, the gameplay shall resemble the core rules of others. You will wait for the music to start and the pop music notes to drop on the screen.

Your task is to tap on the three strings at the perfect timing. The coordination of three strings shall create different cords and harmonize to make the best melody ever. You have three chances of missing the notes consecutively. If you get more than three strikes, the game is over. There is a long list of different song themes for you and your friends to pick from.

Feel free to opt for a city light kinda song, a little Havana vibe, "slide into my dm" type, or maybe a little upbeat with midnight dynamite? Different vibe comes with unique beats and pacing for you to enjoy different song coordination. How will you ace these 12 high contemporary song choices with the best streaks and combos? There shall be a simple tutorial with a few easy notes so that kids of all ages can follow them at the beginning of the game.

Enjoy this disco-pop AI and the color palette as the feast for your eye! The tip for newbies in this game from https://abcya4.net/ is to follow the beat and the key melody of the songs. The notes will fall on the hard beat so you can ht on them more precisely if you enjoy the song itself. Keep exploring more game genres with some options such as Hero 4 Slice Enemies!


Use the arrow keys to hit the three strings.

Tap on the mobile screen to play.