Redhaired Fairy Fantasy Vs Reality

It's time for your red-haired favorite fairy from ABCya4 girls game: Redhaired Fairy Fantasy Vs Reality to transform into a more ordinary look and get a new realistic image. Most of the kids have known or heard of her as the heroine of a famous fantasy series, but its' time to finely hone their extraordinary powers for attending middle school. In this parallel world, they will get to keep their power and magic as long as they do a great job at hiding them to live among the ordinary.

Your job is to help each of them to pick out their suitable hairstyle and outfits that will get them to blend in. All of them have red hair, which means that it takes some more effort to pick a suitable color palette that will match this hair color using the makeup and the outfit range as well. First, take your time to get to know the unique features and styles of each character before selecting the suitable styles or vibe for that one. Ranging from girly look to cool and classy, take your pick carefully to not only cultivate their extraordinary powers but also to help them showcase their individual characteristics.

Pick out from a long list of tops, bottoms, jeans, dresses, heels, boots, and many more that are available without a cost, and work your magic on them! Discover your talent in coordinating outfits and accessories with more girl games such as Wonder Princess Vivid 80s and Perfect Salon from our daily list at and be free with your creative designs. Will you be able to satisfy our red-haired princesses with your unique styling methods?

How to choose the outfits and makeups: Click on the tools and the clothes using the left mouse button and drag to select and put them on.