Rotating Cube

Rotating Cube is the next crazy game with balls and cubes that you should get your hands on here on our website ABCya online! If you have been familiar with arcade games, this new option will easily become one of your new favorites thanks to the fun gameplay, dynamic movements of the balls and the cube, as well as a colorful graphic design palette.

Prepare your interactive skills and fast reflexes to defeat any challenge that the game is going to throw at you now. The final goal for all stages in this game is to make sure that your cube can capture any upcoming balls on this colorful platform. Utilize your spinning cube with the highest level of reflexes and agility to make sure that the blank space on one side of the cube can always meet the lane of the balls.

The balls are coming towards your position from all types of directions and different lanes, so you need to rotate the cube and turn the blank space towards the ball's position on time. One second late and your game will be over. As it's one of the endless gameplay, you will carry out the task for as long as possible and only stop when you fail the turn. Are you ready to ace this crazy spinning cube game online here on one of the most colorful platforms that you have ever seen at

A limited number of chances or lives are given to each player, so use yours wisely. The more precise your movement is, the higher your total scores will be. We are waiting for the players who are advanced in arcade games to crack this new game here now! More equally fun games like Master Of Donuts can be your next choice, so pay them a visit!

Controls: Play the game using the keyboard or the mouse.