Slice It All

Slice it All is an online 3D game on abcya 4, great for stress relief. You just need to click to control the knife to slice all the targets, why it doesn't fall into the water and go to the final destination. Have fun playing buddy!!!

Most addictive Slice game, you can control slinging sword on air and slice it all until you die. Jump high as you can and cut everything with this perfect Asmr feeling. Only tap to jump and cut with your sword, in Slice all! you can use many different object as a cutter like: Knifes, swords, Axe, etc...

Cut and slice them all into small pieces. Jump from the ground and cut everything on your way. Slice obstacles by tapping the screen. All breakable in the scene. Don’t let the knife get too close to the ground,you will lose. Happy sliceit and jumping.

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Controls: Mouse or touch to play