Sort Cookies

Sort Cookies is an exciting arcade game for attentiveness and reaction, you can play free online at abcya 4 grade. A tower of cookies grows on the screen, which needs to be scattered in different directions. Cookies are of different colors, so you need to be careful to put the cookies in the right direction according to the color.

Welcome to the coolest cookie factory in the world! Let’s start sorting various cookies such as shortbread cookies, seasonal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and many more. You separate the cookies one by one. Instead of sorting them into cookie jars for the cookie shop, we sort them into the tubes. You must match the cookie color and shape in each tube. This cookie challenge is such an addicting game! 

Share with your friend's games for these girls. It is extremely simple that anyone can overcome. If you're curious, try to overcome the challenge and join many other similar games in our game list like Erase It and Break Your Brain. Girls won't ignore them.

Control: Mouse or touch to play this games!