Spooky Memory

Spooky Memory is the perfect gaming option to prepare for the upcoming Halloween season thanks to the huge collection of cards that have spooky-themed images. The goal of this ABCya free game 4 kids is to make sure that you can match all the set groups or pairs of similar cards. They are all flipped on the table. Each time, you can only open two cards to make a pair. Slowly make your way through different sets of cards and memorize any that you have flipped over. Try to find the pairs in the next flip or with the least moves possible so that you can be the one who wins the game with record time! Once all the cards on the board are matched, the game is over.

To be on the higher levels, you will need to fully conquer the previous levels first. This puzzle game is a classic one with the standard gameplay and rules for matching card games, however, thanks to the updated set of cards, you will have fun exploring the Halloween theme. It's the season for spooky creatures and fun entertainment with a bit of difference in terms of display and theme! The season will be filled with pumpkins, skeletons, witches, and other popular icons on these cards.

Keep the good work going for the longest time possible and keep working on decreasing the time spent for each level. Of course, the number of cards will increase and make the matching harder, but with good concentration and suitable lining, the task will become easier with time! Come to explore a bunch of other games such as Potion Flip and Candy Juice on our website at https://abcya4.net/ if you love more of this genre!

Controlling keys: Click or tap on the cards to make the paring and matching.