Squid Mission Hunter Online

Have fun with this new exclusive game, Squid Mission Hunter Online, a fun shooting game!!! Some squid game participants wanted to flee these dark games, but they were identified and will be wedded!! Play it now for free on Abcya4.net on your chosen device. This new game is based on the Squid Games television series, in which the players regret their participation and attempt to flee the facilities, but they are trapped on the island with only the option of hiding!

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The goal of the game is for you to be able to control the hunter of participants and return them to the games. Aim and shoot your harpoon to grab the characters and transport them to the ship that awaits your instructions. Capturing these tiny criminals is difficult, but you may entice them by tossing cash and pushing them to come out of their hiding spots! Have fun with this new game and have a lot of fun.


Use the mouse to aim and shoot the targets Touch the screen on mobile devices.