Star Beacons

It was a great world inhabited by the small water molecule in this game of Star Beacons from ABCya puzzle. These creatures were invaded by the space enemy, who has come and captured their planet. Therefore, we need to dispatch a hero to this ball game and help these little creatures get their home back. In this shooting game, you will be the main control of the weapon and the direction that it shall send the ball.

Dispatch the ball to the place that you think might bounce and hit all the objects that are currently on the screen. The more asteroids, rocks, stars you can hit, the higher your scores will be. The objective of this game will be to clear all the stars by hitting them with a ball shot. There are more than 20 achievements that the kids can aim to get by clearing all the objects on the screen with the least ball usage on each level.

Moreover, there will be a reward for combos and high scores. If you can score more than 10000 points in one shot, you get to use another ball for the next shooting round. Make sure to utilize all of your balls because there's a limitation on how many times you can take the shot.

Keep the scores coming in so that you will proceed to the levels with a more complex layout and harder-to-crack asteroids in no time! Come to the world of free games at and pick whatever you like from the wide range of action, arcade, sports, girls, and so on. Some newly added games that have been adored by other players like Home Decor Memory and Puppy Blast Lite will easily be your next addictive gaming option!

Controlling keys:

Use the mouse left button or Ctrl key to shoot the ball.