Star Maze

More than a hundred levels are here to test your ability to solve difficult problems when it comes to the work of conquering this dark tunnel in Star Maze - the latest gaming selection from the collection of ABCya 4 Kids, where the entertainment options are endless. Pick your favorite tactics and strategy to win this game where you will be floating through a maze with a paintball.

The goal of this game is to make sure that the ball you manage can reach the final gate of the stage, which is placed on one of the tiles on the platform. If you can do this within the shortest time frame, your bonus scores will be even higher. Make sure to locate the gateway out first, then start moving your ball along the walls and avoid the scattered obstacles.

The difficult part of this game lies in the part that you need to make sure that the ball doesn't get stuck on a random corner of the maze, or else there is no chance of moving forward. For each tile that your ball moves through, you can slide a glaze of paint over it. Do your best to quickly glaze over all the tiles on the platform and crack the next levels! Another crucial task in this game from is the work of collecting the scattered stars.

On some of the tiles, you will find the stars which randomly show up in the game. Can you move through the maze and color the tiles while gathering a total of three stars per level? Let's see if you can crack the other games with similar gameplay and harder challenges such as Balls Sorting Deluxe or Word Holiday, all available for you and your family's entertainment moments without any cost!

Controls: Click and move the mouse to slide the balls.