Stickman Parkour Skyland

Complete your track while tackling the most challenging platform in this ABCya arcade game: Stickman Parkour Skyland which is perfect for your playtime after school and work! It's all about controlling the stability of your stickman while juggling to search for the next block that is potential enough to land on. The overall goal of this parkour-themed game is to test your skills in movement.

Jump over the scattered obstacles, avoid the gaps, dodge the ledges, and perform the best performance that a parkour performer can! The more tough tricks you can conquer, the further you might reach. Stay alive in the game will get tougher over time as the obstacles will turn out to be harder. Once you manage to get to the final portal for each stage, you can clear that off and move to the next one. Since the difficulty range of the game increases, you will have to be more careful and move with finesse to dodge the deadly items in the next stages.

Pay attention to the placement of the slugs and utilize them to fly higher. A good momentum will set you off to a better start. Don't forget to run through diverse biomes and enjoy the thrill of dashing through them! Plenty of skyblock filled with different runners participating in the same journey as you do will be there. Let's see if you will be able to survive the skyblock survivor mode once the stick war starts!

The only way to stop the deadly trip is to get to the portal to complete the level! The animation is amazing throughout the set of 50 unique levels, each with its separate setting and requirement for you to explore. Enjoy more running games like Snow Fun to spice up your gaming experience with our free games from!

Instructions: Run using WASD or on-screen buttons, and jump using the spacebar.