Sweet Candy Boom

Sweet Candy Boom is not just any game with the main theme as candies, this one will be quite a tough puzzle game that you need to think a bit before making any move. Your goal in this ABCya free game 4 kids is to make sure that all the bubble sweets on the screen burst and explode using a limited number of moves. For each candy, there is a range of evolution to the stages when it's finally exploded. By clicking on them with the move, the players can upgrade it to the next stage.

This means that each version of candy requires a different number of moves to burst. How will you manage to click on all the candies with unique colors and different orders? Once they all turn green, they can be removed off the board for good. Try to spot two or more identical candies to click on them. If you are a newbie, find the explanation for color orders from the beginning of the game. This will help you to choose which color to change first and how many moves are needed for each color. Once you clear out a green candy, it will leave a mark and distribute small balls that can be used as additional moves for more changing.

The balls move in the horizontal and vertical direction towards other candies, so use this to your advantage when coming up with a strategy. A total of 90 levels, each with a special layout, is going to make your time at home much more interesting without having to leave the house! Here at https://abcya4.net/puzzle, we have more new games with diversity in genres for kids of all ages to enjoy, such as Blend It Perfect and Fruit Mahjong!

Controls: Click on the candies to make them explode.