Turn Dot

You will need very fast speed, good reflexes, and a good eye for estimation in order to win this ABCya4 puzzle gamé called Turn Dot! Be the first to gain the new record and new ranking on the board filled with top players. This game is a puzzle-themed game in which the ball moves faster and faster in the labyrinth. The platform is rectangle-shaped and has four corners that you need to take into consideration when changing the direction.

If you manage to keep your dot safely on the yellow path without coming into contact with other paths, it will be a success. One full round will give you one score when succeeding, so do your best to gather as many as possible! You need to estimate the speed and the movement of the ball to make it stir and change direction when it reaches the corners. Do it at the right timing so that the ball is not too far and crash into the wall or too close and hit the corner. Move flexibly as the speed increases significantly after each successful round.

Will you be able to manage the change and get used to the new speed quickly? Our gaming list from https://abcya4.net/ is filled with unique games for kids, ranging from simple games like Two Circles and Fruity Veggie Memory to other complicated challenges. Feel free to grab some friends and tackle this ball game before hitting other cool games as well! In this game, not only will you need to be a master in eye-hand coordination but a good skill of estimation will be beneficial as well. Don't hesitate and showcase your scores in this game for more fun!

Controls: Tap or click on the screen to make the ball turn at the corners.