Two Circles

A game of two circles called Two Circles will be the new addictive gaming option for you once you start playing it! The work of rotating the two yellow and white rings will bring the most excitement to kids of all ages! In this ABCya 4 kid game, there will be a stack of two rings, the yellow and white ones on the screen. Your job is to rotate these two from the top to the bottom to catch the incoming bubbles with the correct colors.

For example, when there is a while bubble from the top falling, the white ring should be switched to be on top and vice versa. Make sure that you match the speed of the balls and bubbles as they move quite fast. Be quick at your movement as the speed will only increase from one point to another. A tip for you is to keep track of the screen to know which color is approaching from the top and the bottom. Only by switching the pair in time will you be able to catch the bubbles precisely. If you fail to match even one bubble, the challenge hits an end immediately.

Set the record of highest in the Leaderboard is the dream of all players in this gaming experience, therefore, we recommend that you try it out a few times and keep improving your ability for the next turns. Here in the daily replenished games of, there are more genres than you can imagine, ranging from multiplayer games, single-player choice, adventure, action to girl games. Feel free to dive in and take your shot with more challenging games such as Fruity Veggie Memory and Majestic Hero with your friends and family this season!

How to play: Click or tap on the screen to switch the rings.